Chemistry I
Sarah Hocken

Final Exams are Friday, June 8th, and Monday, June 11th.
Periods 1,3,5,7 have the final exam on friday, June 8th. Periods 2,4,6 have the final on Monday, June 11th.
Final Exam periods are 80 minutes long. The chemistry final exam will consist of approximately 70 multiple choice questions, and will cover the entire year (both semesters) of chemistry topics.
What to bring:
Pencils and eraser (the test will be scan-tron)
A calculator (non-graphing)
Hot Pink Ion sheet
3 " x 5" Note card with notes, equations, practice problems, etc. with writing on ONE SIDE ONLY. This hard must be handwritten, and can not be photocopied.

Here is a study guide. You can skip problems 20 and 34 b-e (do NOT skip 34 a) on the study guide.

and here is the answer key to the study guide.

Spring Semester Final Exam Schedules:

Friday, June 8, 2012: Periods 1,3,5,7

Period 1 8:00 - 9:20
Period 3 9:45 - 11:05
Period 5 12:05 - 1:25
Period 7 1:50 - 3:10

Monday, June 11th, 2012: Periods 2,4,6

Period 2 8:00 - 9:20
Period 4 9:45 - 11:05
Period 6 12:05 - 1:25

Assignments Due June 4th through June 8th (!)

Due Monday, June 4th:
WS 28.1
(WS 28.1 was handed out on thursday, so it is due monday, EVEN IF YOU WERE ABSENT FRIDAY!)
Start WS 28.2

Due Tuesday, June 5th:
WS 28.2

Due Wednesday, June 6th
Optional turn-in lab due by 3:30 pm. (Continue to study for finals!)
(The optional turn-in score will replace your lowest lab score for the semester. I will only plug it into your grade if it brings your grade UP.)

Due Thursday, June 7th, and Friday, June 8th....
CONTINUE TO STUDY FOR FINALS!!!! The study guide is above.

Assignments Due May 29th through June 1st:

(No School Monday, May 28th; Memorial Day Holiday)

Due Tuesday, May 29th:
Turn in Titration Lab

Due Wednesday, May 30th:
Study for Today's Quiz/Test (see study guide, below!)
(this is the last Quiz/Test until the final exam)
(start WS 28.0?)

Also, here is the "clicker review" since we didn't finish it in class.

Answers: 1 C 2 B 3 C 4 A 5 C 6 D 7 A 8 C 9 B 10 C
11 B 12 F 13 A 14 D 15 E 16 B 17 E
18a) 2.10 b) 1.3 x 10^-12, 19a) 10.78 b) 1.7 x 10^-11 20 b) C3H5O2-1, c) 1.3 x 10^-5, d) weak

Due Thursday, May 31st:
WS 28.0

Due Friday, June 1st:
start WS 28.1 (see above, under June 4th, for the PDF)

Assignments Due May 21st through May 25th:

Due Monday, May 21st:
Global Warming Notes and Household Titration Lab

Due Tuesday, May 22nd:
WS 20.5

Due Wednesday, May 23rd:
WS 20.6
(Red Cabbage Extra Credit is due today!)

Due Thursday, May 24th:
WS 20.7 (except that #10, 11, 12 are optional)
Lab Today: Titration of a strong acid and a weak acid with NaOH, using pH probes

Due Friday, May 25th:
Finish Lab as much as possible; bring questions to class.

Assignments Due May 14th through May 18th:

Due Monday, May 14th:
Nothing: No chem class today (Science Project Day)

Due Tuesday, May 15th:

Due Wednesday, May 16th:
WS 20.3

Due Thursday, May 17th:
Start WS 20.4
Lab Today: Titration of Household Substances!

Due Friday, May 18th:
WS 20.4
Finish Lab calcs as much as possible, and bring lab to class with questions.

Assignments Due May 7th through May 11th:

Due Monday, May 7th:
Start WS 19.2
Work on the Rate Lab (by now you should have done the first half of the front and first half of the back)
Rate Lab Day Two today in class.

In case you were absent today for foreign language day (or other reason), here are the notes:

Due Tuesday, May 8th:
Finish WS 19.2
Work on Lab

Due Wednesday, May 9th:
Turn in Rate Lab, including the graph.
Notes: Cataltyic Converters (modified C-notes: You DO need to do the left side questions, but don't have to do a summary at bottom)

Due Thursday, May 10th:
WS 20.1

Due Friday, May 11th: (half-day today):
(To students who have 1st period free: remember that 2nd period starts at 8:35 on half-days, not 8:56!)
WS 20.2

Assignments Due April 30th through May 4th:

Due Monday, April 30th:
Study for today's unit test!
Here is the study guide:
Note: WS 18.5 and 18.6 are not listed on the study guide, but they would also be good practice for the unit test, since they are mostly review questions. (All the new material on the test was covered by 18.4 though.)
Supersaturation will NOT be covered on the test.
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And here is a study guide for the solutions (chapter 18) part of the test, since there are no solutions practice problems on the study guide:

Due Tuesday, May 1st:

Due Wednesday, May 2nd:
C-notes: Rate of Reaction and WS 19.0

Due Thursday, May 3rd:
WS 19.1, and Pre-Lab for the Rate of Reactions Lab
(Rate of Reaction Lab Day 1 today. Day 2 will be on Monday, May 7th)

Due Friday, May 4th:
Bring Lab to class

Assignments due April 23rd through 27th:

Due Monday, April 23rd:
Finish WS 18.3
Draw pictures of the 8 compounds assigned.
Day 3 of HCl lab today

Due Tuesday, April 24th:
HCl molarity lab
Start WS 18.4

Due Wednesday, April 25th:
WS 16.10 and 18.4

Due Thursday, April 26th:
WS 18.5

Due Friday, April 27th:
WS 18.6

Assignments due April 16th through April 20th:

Due Monday, April 16th:

Due Tuesday, April 17th:
WS 18.0 (mini-lab today: making a solution)

Due Wednesday, April 18th:
WS 18.1

Due Thursday, April 19th:
WS 18.2 (Front only; the back is a lab. We'll start the HCl/CaCO3 lab in class today)

Due Friday, April 20th:
Start WS 18.3 (HCl Lab Day 2 today)

Assignments due April 9 through April 12th:

Due Monday, April 9th:
Intermolecular Force WS #2
LAB DAY TODAY: Evaporation and Intermolecular Forces

Due Tuesday, April 10th:
Work on Evapoartion Lab

Due Wednesday, April 11th:
WS 16.8, and Turn in Evaporation Lab

Due Thursday, April 12th:
WS 16.9, and study for today's quiz (see study guide, below)

(No school Friday April 13th: Mid semester grading and furlough)

Assignments due April 3rd through April 6th:

Due Tuesday, April 3rd:
Finish Penny Lab and WS 16.6
Optional quiz on alkane prefixes during lunchtime (see details, back of WS 16.5)

Due Wednesday, April 4th:
WS 16.7
Lab Today: Synthesis of esters!
Today is the last chance to do the Optional quiz on alkane prefixes during lunchtime (see details, back of WS 16.5)

Due Thursday, April 5th:
Start ester lab

Due Friday, April 6th:
Ester lab and Intermolecular Force WS #1

Assignments due March 19th through March 23rd:

Due Monday, March 19th:
VSEPR WS #2 and WS 16.4

Due Tuesday, March 20th:
WS 16.5
Study for today's quiz (see details, below).
Lab Today: drops of liquid on a penny.

There will be a quiz on Tuesday, March 20th, on VSEPR and polarity.
Study VSEPR Worksheets #1 and #2, and the first problem on WS 16.4
You will need to be able to:
Draw dot structures
Sketch molecules, showing their geometry
Identify the shape names of the molecule* (electron geometry and molecular geometry)
Determine the bond angle.
Classify a molecule as polar or nonpolar
Draw a net polarity arrow for any polar molecules.
*a list of shape names will be given, but in random order.



Due Friday, March 23rd:
work on Penny Lab
Optional Quiz on alkane prefixes during lunchtime (see details, back of WS 16.5)


Assignments due March 12 through March 16th:

Due Monday, March 12th:
Group Activity: WS 14.1, 1-10

Due Tuesday, March 13th:
WS 14.2

Due Wednesday, March 14th:
Start VSEPR WS #1
Lab today: Combustion of iron and of a candle

Due Thursday, March 15th:
Try to finish lab, so you can ask questions in class.

Due Friday, March 16th:
Turn in Fe/candle lab
Start VSEPR WS #2

Assignments Due March 5th through March 9th:

Due Monday, March 5th:
Front of WS 16.3

We'll be in lab today!

Due Tuesday, March 6th:
Back of WS 16.3, and bring lab sheet to class.

Due Wednesday, March 7th:
Finish the calcium chloride lab

Due Thursday, March 8th:
Study for Today's Test!! See study guide:

Due Friday, March 9th:

Assignments due February 27th through March 2nd:

Due Monday, Feb 27th:
WS 15.0
Quiz Today:
Know the parts of the periodic table (this is covered on WS 14.0 on #1 and #2)
Be able to write electron configurations for atoms and for ions*
Study WS 13.4, 13.5, 14.0 (15.0 is good practice too)
2s 2p
3s 3p 3d
4s 4p 4d 4f
5s 5p 5d 5f <------ *This chart will be on the quiz, by YOU must draw the arrows,
6s 6p 6d 6f and remember how many electrons can fit into the s, p, d, and f sublevels.
7s 7p 7d 7f

Due Tuesday, Feb 28th:

Due Wednesday, February 29th (!)
WS 16.1

Due Thursday, March 1st:

Due Friday, March 2nd:
WS 16.2

Assignments due February 21st through February 24th:

(No school Monday, Feb 20th: Presidents' Day Holiday)

Due Tuesday, Feb 21st:
Notes on the MQMM (modern Quantum Mechanical Model)
Electron Configurations for Elements 1-20
Electron Configurations for Fe, Xe, Pt, U, Ag, As, Es, Kr, and Pb

Due Wednesday, Feb 22nd:
WS 13.4 (except skip 4a and 4b for now)
Bohr Extra Credit due by 4 pm.

Due Thursday, Feb 23rd:
WS 13.5

Due Friday, Feb 24th:
WS 14.0

Assignments due February 13th through February 17th:

Due Monday, February 13th:
Cornell-notes on Dalton, Thomson, and Rutherford
(Start WS 13.3)

Due Tuesday, Feb 14th:
WS 13.3
We will do Day One of Qual Lab #2 today

Due Wednesday, Feb 15th:
Rxns 1-10 from the back of Qual Lab #2 ?
Bring Qual Lab #1 today - it might help when you make your flow chart.

Due Thursday, Feb 16th:
Flow chart/qual scheme for Day 2 of Qual Lab #2
We will do Day Two of Qual Lab #2 today.

Due Friday, Feb 17th:
Turn in Qual Lab #2 (Including both pages, and your flow chart)

Assignments due February 6th through February 10th:

Due Monday, February 6th:
WS 13.0

Due Tuesday, February 7th:
WS 13.1

Due Wednesday, February 8th:
WS 13.15, and start notes on the "wave/particle duality of light."
(and study for thursday's quiz)

Due Thursday, February 9th:
WS 13.2, and "wave/particle duality" notes.
QUIZ TODAY on wavelength, frequency, energy, and net ionic equations!
Here is the study guide/practice quiz:

Due Friday, February 10th:
Start C-Notes on atomic models (Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford)

Assignments due January 31st through February 3rd:

Due Tuesday, January 31st:
(We'll do Day One of Qual Lab #1 today)
WS 8.8

Due Wednesday, February 1st:
Work on writing reactions for Qual Lab #1

Due Thursday, February 2nd:
(We'll do Day Two of Qual Lab #1 today)
Study Flow Chart/Procedure for the Lab
WS 8.9

Due Friday, February 3rd:
Turn in Qual Lab #1 (Staple on your reactions)

Fall Semester Final Exam Schedules:

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012: Periods 2,4,6

Period 2 9:00 - 10:20
Period 4 10:45 - 12:05
Period 6 1:00 - 2:20

Thursday, January 26th, 2012: Periods 1,3,5,7

Period 1 8:00 - 9:20
Period 3 9:45 - 11:05
Period 5 12:05 - 1:25
Period 7 1:50 - 3:10

Here is the study guide for the final exam (and the answer key):
And also, here is the Gas Law review Sheet, since gas laws are not covered on the Fall Final Review Sheet, but will be on the final exam.

Assignments due Tuesday, January 17th through Tuesday, January 24th:

Due Tuesday, January 17th:
WS 12.4

Due Wednesday, January 18th:
WS 12.5
Do prelab for the Magnesium/HCl / PV = nRT lab (at least do the reaction and fill in the left side of the quantitative data table)

Due Thursday, January 19th:
Bring Lab to class

Due Friday, January 20th:
WS 12.6
Mg/HCl lab.
(I'll check off WS 12.6 and the Mg/HCl lab at the beginning of the period. If you are turning the lab in, you still need to get it checked at the beginning of class. If you are turning it in, turn it in by 3:30 on friday. Once I grade your Mg lab, I will replace your lowest lab report score (%) with whatever % you get on the Mg lab, unless it would lower your grade. For example, if your lowest score on a lab report this semester was a 60%, and you got 80% on the Mg lab, your 60% score would be replaced by an 80%.)

Due Monday, January 23rd:
WS 12.7 (your last assignment of the semester!!!!)

Assignments Due January 9th through January 13th:

Due Monday, January 9th:

Due Tuesday, January 10th:
WS 12.0

Due Wednesday, January 11th:
WS 12.1

Due Thursday, January 12th:
WS 12.2

Due Friday, January 13th:
WS 12.3

Assignments Due January 4 - 6

Due Wednesday, January 4th:

Due Thursday, January 5th:
WS 11.4

Due Friday, January 6th:
Study for today's heat Test/Quiz!
(See worksheets 11.0, 11.1, 11.15, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, Chapter 11, The Candle Lab and Hess's Law Lab, and the heat review sheet, below.)

Penny extra credit and/or the fat/sugar extra credit is due friday, Jan 6th, by after school (3:30 pm).

And here is an extra credit assignment: (worth up to a 0.5% boost in grade, for example, from 89.2% to 89.7%)

Assignments due December 12 - 16:
Due Monday, December 12th:
WS 11.15
(you could do #1, 2, and 7 for the candle lab, too)

Due Tuesday, December 13th:
Finish Candle Lab

Due Wednesday, December 14th:
WS 11.2

Due Thursday, December 15th:
Start WS 11.3 (on #7, you should find pictures of all structures on WS 11.15 except for H2O2. It has single bonds: H-O-O-H)
Prelab: Magnesium oxide Lab (Do #1 and #2) in the "Lab Ticket" section.

Due Friday, December 16th:
Finish WS 11.3 (by beginning of class)
Turn in Magnesium oxide lab. (By end of the period. This lab does not have a conclusion.)

There will be a Unit Test on Tuesday, December 6th on Chapter 5-9
Here is the study guide:
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And here is the answer key to the study guide:
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In studying for the unit test, you might also want to try the Reactions Practice Quiz again:

Assignments Due Monday, December 5th through Friday, December 9th:

Due Monday, December 5th:
Work on Hydrate Lab and Conclusion (try to finish for today)
Study for Tuesday's Unit Test
(The Hydrate Lab is posted with last week's assignments)

Due Tuesday, December 6th:
Study for Today's Unit Test (see study guide, above)

Due Wednesday, December 7th:
Turn in Hydrate Lab, with Conclusion

Due Thursday, December 8th:
WS 11.0

Due Friday, December 9th: (HALF DAY TODAY)
WS 11.1

Friday is a half-day for progress reports.
If you do not have a 1st period class, remember that 2nd period starts at 8:35, instead of 8:56!

Assignments Due Monday, November 28th through Friday, December 2nd:

Due Monday, November 28th:
WS 9.3 (# 1-7 only)
Day 2 of the Iron/Copper Chloride lab today

Due Tuesday, November 29th:
WS 9.0

Due Wednesday, November 30th:
WS 9.1

Due Thursday, December 1st:
Fe/CuCl2 Lab
WS 9.2

Due Friday, December 2nd:
Prelab for today's lab: Formula of a Hydrate
WS 9.4

Assignments Due Monday, November 21st through Weds, November 23rd:

Due Monday, November 21st:
WS 8.6

Due Tuesday, November 22nd:
WS 8.7

Due Weds, November 23rd:
Study for today's Reaction Quiz (see above)
start WS 9.3 (hydrates) (finish for Monday Nov. 28th)
Day 1 of Fe/CuCl2 lab is today

Assignments due Monday, November 14th through Friday, November 18th:

Due Monday, November 14th:
Prelab for the Double Replacement/Solubility Lab
Write and balance all 16 reactions (do not worry about subscripts yet, we will determine these in lab)

Due Tuesday, November 15th:
Work on Double Replacement/Solubility Lab

Due Wednesday, November 16th:
WS 8.4 (including the c-notes that we did on tuesday on combustion)
Work on DR/Solubility Lab? Lab will be due for turn-in on thursday.

Due Thursday, November 17th:
WS 8.45 and turn in the Double Replacement/Solubility Lab

Due Friday, November 18th:
WS 8.5

There will be a quiz on Tuesday, November 8:

The quiz covers moles, percent composition, and empirical formula.
Study Worksheets 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, and 7.5, as well as the "Mole Practice Quiz."

Assignments Due Monday, November 7 through Thursday, November 10:

Due Monday, November 7th:
WS 7.5
(Work on magnesium oxide lab too)

Due Tuesday, November 8th:
Turn in Magnesium oxide lab
Study for the mole quiz today (see details above!)

Due Wednesday, November 9th:
WS 8.1 and 8.2

Due Thursday, November 10th:
WS 8.3
Thursday is a half-day, for midterm grading.
Remember, if you have 1st period free, you need to get to school earlier than normal; second period starts at 8:35 instead of 8:56!

Friday, 11-11-11 is Veteran's Day (No School).

Formula Writing Quiz Retakes at the beginning of lunch on Tuesday (Nov 1) OR Wednesday (Nov 2).

Note: this is the only quiz or test during the year that you can retake.
I think that this topic is so full of details that it is possible to go in to the test with a false confidence.
If this happened to you, come in and take a new version of the quiz.
I will only plug the "retake" score into your grade if it is higher than your original quiz score.
So even if you got a 14/15 and want to try for a 15/15, go for it! You should definitely do the retake if you scored less than 10/15 on the original.
Check every last detail of your answers while you study for the retake. The practice quizzes are still posted below.

Assignments Due October 31st through November 4th:

Due Monday, October 31st:
Nothing - today is a science project day, so we will not have chemistry class. I'll be available during lunch for office hours.

Due Tuesday, November 1st:
WS 7.2 and WS 6.5 (front only; the back was already due last week)

Due Wednesday, November 2nd:
WS 7.3

Due Thursday, November 3rd: (Lab Day Today)
Prelab: Magnesium Oxide Lab (Read the procedure, and fill in the left side of the data table on the back page)
(Start WS 7.4)

Due Friday, November 4th:
WS 7.4, and bring lab sheet to class

There will be a QUIZ on Tuesday, October 25th, on formula writing and naming.
Bring your hot pink ion sheet (make sure it is note-free, so you can use it on the quiz)
Study Worksheets 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, and the back of 6.4 (especially this last one, since it has all the different types of formula writing you'll need for the quiz).
Also, try these practice quizzes, and check your answers!

Assignments Due October 24th through 28th:

Due Monday, October 24th: (We'll do Day 1 of the Copper/Silver Nitrate lab in class today)
WS 6.4

Due Tuesday, October 25th: (We'll do Day 2 of the Copper/Silver Nitrate lab in class today)
WS 6.45
Study for today's formula writing quiz (see details, above)

Due Wednesday, October 26th:
Bring Lab to class today.

Due Thursday, October 27th:
BACK of WS 6.5

Due Friday, October 28th:
WS 7.1
Turn in Cu/AgNO3 lab

Assignments Due October 18th through 21st:

Due Tuesday, October 18th:
WS 6.1

Due Wednesday, October 19th: (Lab day today: Oleic Acid Lab)
WS 6.2

Due Thursday, October 20th:
Start Oleic Acid Lab

Due Friday, October 21st:
Oleic Acid Lab
WS 6.3

Assignments Due October 10th through 17th:

Due Monday, October 10th:
Front of WS 5.0

Due Tuesday, October 11th:
Back of WS 5.0, and Front of WS 5.1

(No chem class wednesday october 12th... PSAT, PLAN testing, etc.)
SEHS teachers may assign specific students to come in wednesday afternoon.

Due Thursday, October 13th:
Back of WS 5.1, WS 5.2

(No school Friday, October 14th... unpaid day.)

Due Monday, October 17th
WS 5.3

Our First Unit Test will be on Thursday, October 6th.
The test will cover chapters 1-4 and the first part of chapter 11(heat)
Please see this review sheet for details:

and here is the answer key to the practice problems on the review sheet:

Assignments Due October 3rd through October 7th:
(in addition to studying for the test throughout the week...)

Due Monday, October 3rd (Lab day today)
Finish WS 11.0
Start WS 11.1
Read the Specific Heat of Aluminum Lab

Due Tuesday, October 4th:
Finish WS 11.1
Bring Lab to Class

Due Wednesday, October 5th:
WS 11.2
Work on Lab calculations and conclusion - finish if possible.

Due Thursday, October 6th:
Unit Test Today. See study guide for details!
Bring a non-graphing calculator.

Due Friday, October 7th (half-day today):
Turn in Specific Heat Lab, with conclusion.
Do you have first period free? If so, make sure you show up to 2nd period by 8:35, not 8:56.... today is a half-day!

Assignments Due September 26th through 30th:

Due Monday, September 26th:
Work on Lab Calculations
Study for today's quiz! The quiz will cover density and significant figures.
Bring a non-graphing calculator for the quiz if you have one.
Study worksheets 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3

Due Tuesday, September 27th:
Try to finish your lab conclusion for today in case you have any questions.

Due Wednesday, September 28th:
Turn in Density Lab, including the conclusion (staple the conclusion as the second page.)
WS 4.0

Due Thursday, September 29th:
WS 4.1

Due Friday, September 30th:
Start WS 11.0 (Specific Heat intro WS)
Quiz Today: Elements 1-94

Assignments Due September 20th through 26th:

Due Tuesday, September 20th:
WS 3.1

Due Wednesday, September 21st:
Start WS 3.2
Read Parts 1 and 2 of Density Lab
(Lab day today)

Due Thursday, Sept 22nd:
Finish WS 3.2
Quiz today: Elements 1-56

Due Friday, Sept 23rd:
WS 3.3
Read parts 3 and 4 of Density Lab
(Lab day today)

We will have a QUIZ on monday, September 26th.
The quiz will cover density and significant figures.
Study worksheets 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3

Assignments Due September 9th though 19th:

Due Monday, Sept 12:
Chapter One Outline plus two science ideas (see the pdf "First assignment plus elements to learn" below)

Due Tuesday, September 13th:
Turn in WS 2.1
Turn in Signed Contract (Chemistry I Course Requirements)
Quiz Today: Elements 1-20

Due Wednesday, September 14th:
Read Lab Safety Rules
Lab Check-in Today

Due Thursday, September 15th:
WS 2.2

Due Friday, September 16th:
Turn in Aluminum/Copper Chloride Lab

Due Monday, September 19th:
WS 3.0

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